Laboratory for Electron Microscopy

Journey by car

Instructions for your journey by car.

Laboratorium für Elektronenmikroskopie (laboratory for electron microscopy) is located in the "Physik Flachbau" (lower physics building, building number 30.22) in the "Engesserstraße 7".

Have a look at the map below and read the following instructions.

Attention: If you are using a route guidance system, please ensure to enter via the main gate "Adenauerring/Engesserstraße"! The entrance "Neuer Zirkel" is not open for visitors!

Location of LEM for journey by car.
From the Autobahn A5...
  • Use exit "Karlsruhe-Durlach" from Autobahn A5 - direction Karlsruhe (not Durlach).
  • Go straight on the "Durlacher Allee" approximately 3 km. Ignore signs "Stadtmitte/Center", until reaching the "Durlacher Tor" (at the second church on the righthand side - 5th light).
  • Turn right at the "Durlacher Tor" (sign "Universität, Neureut, Stadion").
  • Left turn at the second light into the "Engesserstraße".
  • Ask for a parking permit at the main gate to visit the "Laboratorium für Elektronenmikroskopie".
  • Follow the street.

  • The location of the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy is indicated on the map. The "Physik Flachbau" is a three story building in front of the physics highrise (Physik-Hochhaus), which is the highest building on the campus.
  • Use the left entrance of the Physik Flachbau.
  • The Laboratorium is located on the third floor (2. Obergeschoss).
  • Room number F2-27, Dagmar Gerthsen