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2. Platz in SwissLitho’s “Young Researcher Idea Competition” für Simon Hettler


In promoting innovative ideas and discovering potential new applications using nanoscale heatable tips (Thermal Scanning Probes), SwissLitho AG, a Zurich based nanotechnology startup, announced the winners of its 1st ever Young Researcher Idea Competition. The goal of this competition was to come up with original ideas for the usage of a nanoscale heatable tip - the key component of the NanoFrazor - SwissLitho’s unique nanofabrication tool. A neutral jury selected the best ideas from over 100 participants which were awarded with US $10,000 in total. In addition, the winners could present their ideas in the 3rd thermal probe workshop, jointly organized by SwissLitho and IBM Research Zürich.

Within the workshop, Simon Hettler, PostDoc at the Laboratory for Electron Microscopy at the KIT, was awarded with the 2nd price of US $3,000 for his proposal entitled “Three-dimensional phase plates for transmission electron microscopy”. His idea uses the unique 3D structuring capability of the NanoFrazor to create a small beam shaping component for an electron microscope which will enable electron beams with novel properties. All the winners now have the opportunity to work on the realization of their ideas with the help of SwissLitho scientists.

For further information please visit: http://www.swisslitho.com/