Laboratory for Electron Microscopy


LEM offers various lectures and seminars. Likewise, there is the possibility to conduct bachelor, master or doctoral theses.


Current events

Here you will find a list of lectures and seminars organized by the LEM in the current semester, with information on venue, time and lecturer.



Lecture Catalog

Regardless of whether these take place in the current semester, you will find further information on all lectures here. Please note that some of these are held in rotation and not every semester. A list of the lectures of the current semester can be found above.



Here you will find an overview of the seminars offered by the LEM. If these are currently taking place, please refer to the event list above.


Bachelor, master and doctoral theses

The LEM always offers diploma and doctoral theses on current issues. A list of these can be found at the following link. For further details, please contact the persons listed there.