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       Talented cooks in the LEM and CFN-NSL prepared a fabulous 13-course menu

       for the 2016 Christmas party. The menu comprised dishes from the different countries

       of origin of the lab members and attracted many previous LEM members.


      Aperitif: Ginger Tom/Apricot Fizz (Virginia)

      1. course: Sushi (Matthias)

      2. course: Stuffed eggs (Erich)

      3. course: Palatinum Tapas (Martin)

      4. course: Red-lentil-soup (Aina)

      5. course: Salad (Fotouhi)

      6. course: Tomato roast (Peter)

      7. course: Chinese dumplings (Cheng)

      8. course: Turkish Pilaw (Thomas)

      9. course: Boeuf Bourgignon (Patrice)

     10. course: Blackberry-Tiramisu (Heike)

     11. course: Sabayon-windbags (Simon)

     12. course: Mousse au Toblerone (Manuel)

     13. course: Amaranth-truffles (Stefan)