Dipl. Ing. Volker Zibat

Tel. 0721 608-48682, -46507, -45264 (volker zibat does-not-exist.kit edu)


≤ 2×10-6 mbar

Evaporation source

Carbon thread evaporation

Sputter targets

Pt, Au, Ag, Ir, W, Cr, Pd

Changing mechanism

Ventilation-free changeover between vapor deposition and sputtering head


Automated, rotating

Tilt angle of stage

± 60 °

Working distance

30 - 100 mm

Coating thickness measurement

Quartz crystal

Coating thickness

Up to 1000 nm (common use 10 nm)

Coating time

1 - 1800 s

Vacuum system

Oil-free, 67 l/s Turbomolecular drag pump with diaphragm roughing pump

Process gas