Dr. Martin Peterlechner

Tel. 0721 608-43719 (martin peterlechner does-not-exist.kit edu)


One control unit and one polishing/thinning unit

Possible procedures



Final Thinning


0.1 - 100 V

Optimum polishing voltage

Automatic determination with scanning function

Polishing time

0 s to 30 min in various steps

Light stop value

Automatic stop of the polishing process (infrared sensor)

Pump flow rate

0 - 50

Flow modes

Single flow (constant flow rate)

Double flow, step mode (abrupt reduction of the flow rate towards the end)

Double flow, ramp mode (Gradual transition to reduced flow rate towards the end)

Temperature recommendation

-50 °C to +45 °C

Pump pre-time

4 - 15 s

Sample sizes

3 mm Ø, max. 0.5 mm thickness

2.3 mm Ø, max. 0.5 mm thickness

12 - 21 mm Ø, max. 1 mm thickness