The LEM offers various lectures and seminars. Likewise, there is the possibility to conduct bachelor, master or doctoral theses.

Current events

The following events take place in the current semester. In addition to the current information from the course catalog (VVZ), the corresponding links provide details on the schedule and content of the events.

The lecture as well as the corresponding exercises will be held in German.

Lecture catalog

Regardless of whether these take place in the current semester, you will find further information on all lectures here. Please note that some of these are alternating and are not held every semester. A list of the lectures of the current semester can be found above.


The LEM offers the KIT Electron Microscopy Seminar in cooperation with institutes from Campus North. External guests or KIT scientists report on their current work and developments in the field of electron microscopy. After the lecture there is always time for discussion.

The lectures take place during the semester, on Mondays from 10:30 in room 229.3 of the Physics Flat Building (Campus South, building 30.22).


Bachelor, Master- und Doktorarbeiten

It is possible to write doctoral, master's and bachelor's theses at the LEM.

The topics for doctoral and master's theses are constantly adapted to current subjects!

If you are interested, please contact TT.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yolita Eggeler or the staff in the relevant research areas. You can find a list of the research areas and their staff members here.