Electron microscopy seminar 2023

Our comprehensive electron microscopy seminar took place in Bad-Herrenalb from 19-21.04.2023. We had a good time together with fruitful scientific exchanges, new ideas to interconnect, and social events. Looking forward to the next EM seminar.

 LEM at MC2023 in Darmstadt

We had a very inspiring electron microscopy conference in Darmstadt with many own contributions. We met friends and colleagues in person again and look forward to the next microscopy event. 

 Yolita Eggeler and her research at LEM

In this interview, Yolita talks about her research of the nano cosmos of materials utilizing electron microscopy to gain a better understanding of the materials. This increased understanding allows researchers to design new materials for topics like energy, environment, mobility or health. In addition, she talks about how she benefits from being part of the Cluster of Excellence 3DMM2O and what her work means for young women who also want to go in the scientific direction.

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  Master thesis to be awarded

There are new master theses to be awarded in the following areas.

1) In situ pyrolysis under SEM for architected carbon, 2) Microstructure analysis of metallic interconnectors, 3) In-situ heating and tensile straining of the eutectic Mo-Si-Ti alloy in transmission electron microscope

For questions and interest please contact the listed contact person.



  Welcome Martin Peterlechner!

We welcome Dr. Martin Peterlechner as successor of Prof. Dr. Schneider! He will take over the task of leading our service department in the field of transmission electron microscopy and will also participate in new scientific projects. We are happy to welcome him in our team!

  Welcome Vijayshankar Asokan!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Vijayshankar Asokan to the LEM team. Mr. Asokan started at LEM on January 1, 2023 and is dedicated to the project "WirLebenSOFC". We are very much looking forward to his support!

  Completed master's degree from H. Wu

On November 15, Huichao Wu successfully completed his master's degree at KIT after presenting the results of his thesis: "Identification of the creep-induced deformation mechanism of a eutectic Mo-Si-Ti alloy using electron microscopy" to a scientific committee. The work was carried out by Y. M. Eggeler, D. Schliephake and H. Thota. After a well-deserved break, Huichao will start a PhD in Jülich and MNM wishes him all the best and hopes to see him again.

 Wintersemester 2022/2023!

The lecture from Feb. 13 - Feb. 17, 2023 will be held in Building 30.22. Room F2/16 from 9.30 a.m. - 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

ILIAS course "Electron Microscopy I" is online.registration now possible. In addition, the online registration form for the corresponding exercises for EM I is active under "Study and Teaching" > "Electron Microscopy I". In WS22/23 the lecture and the corresponding exercises will take place as a block course. The lecture in the week from 13.02. - 17.02.2023. The lecture will be held in English. The corresponding exercises from 20.02. - 24.02. 2023. Registration deadline for the exercises is the end of January 2023.

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 Welcome Alexander Zintler!

We are happy to welcome Mr. Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Zintler in our team from 01.09.22. He will support us in the project "KeraSolar"! We are looking forward to the cooperation.

 Welcome Kristian Kraft!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Kristian Kraft to the MNM-LEM team. Since 01.09.2022 he is working on his master thesis on "Identification of chemical structures and structural changes of 3D microstructures as a function of pressure and temperature". We wish him good luck!

 Tibor Lehnert receives poster award

Dr. rer. nat. Lehnert receives the "Outstanding Poster Award" for his poster at SSI-23. Awarded in recognition of the recipient's outstanding presentation in terms of technical content, scientific merit, graphic quality, and quality of presentation.

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Promotion Lukas_NEWSPhD defense Mr. L. Grünewald

We congratulate Mr. Lukas Grünewald on the successful completion of his PhD on May 06, 2022 on the topic "Electron Microscopic Investigation of Superconducting Fe- and Cu-based Thin Films". We wish Lukas the best for the future - you are always welcome at the LEM and we are looking forward to any future notification of your further private and professional life.

Calkovsky Promotion_NEWSPhD defense Mr. M. Calkovsky

Mr. Martin Calkovsky successfully defended his dissertation at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) on April 29, 2022. The title of his dissertation is "Material Contrast by Scanning Electron Microscopy and Low-Energy Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy". We are very proud and wish all the best for his professional and private future!

 Summer term 2022!

ILIAS course for “electron microscopy II” is now online. Register now. In addition, the online registration for the corresponding exercises for EM2 is active under ”Academics”-> Electron microscopy II.

 Welcome Yiling Huang!

We are pleased to welcome Miss Yiling Huang to the MNM-LEM team. She will stay with us for one year with her CSC scholarship and started working on her visiting PhD on April 1, 2022 in the area of "creep induced defects in single crystal superalloy". We wish her much success!

 Welcome Huichao Wu!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Huichao Wu to the MNM.-LEM-team. Since March.03.2022 he has started his master thesis on the topic “Investigation of the creep-induced deformation mechanism of a eutectic Mo-Si-Ti alloy by transmission electron microscopy (TEM)”.
We wish him much success!

 PhD defense Ms. Milena Hugenschmidt

The PhD defense of Ms. Milena Hugenschmidt took place on 04.Feb.2022. With her systematic work on “STEM in SEM: Electron-Beam Broadening, Contamination, and Investigation of ZIF-8 by Correlative Electron Microscopy” she has been awarded the title Dr. rer. nat.!

Congratulations, Milena and we wish you all the best for your future! Remember to drop by anytime and LEM is always your home.


 Welcome Hemanth Thota!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Hemanth Thota to the LEM team. He started his PhD on January 1, 2022 and will be working in the area of "High Temperature Materials" in the project GRK 2561. We wish him much success!

 Prof. Dr. Feldmann takes over as acting director

Prof. Dr. Claus Feldmann will take over the provisional management of the LEM from 01.07.2021. The institute is looking forward to the cooperation and thanks him for his willingness and the interest shown.

News_RuhestandRetirement Prof. Dr. Dagmar Gerthsen

After more than 27 years! as head of the institute, Prof. Dr. D. Gerthsen will go into well-deserved retirement on 01.04. We thank her sincerely for the many good and successful years of leading the institute. She has played a major role in advancing the LEM and making it what it is today.

News_Distinguished Senior FellowProf. Dr. D. Gerthsen - Appointment as KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow

We congratulate Prof. Dr. Gerthsen to her new tilte as "KIT Distinguished Senior Fellow". Thus, Ms. Gerthsen will continue to be present at KIT as well as to pursue her scientific topics and will be reachable under her previous contact data.


#Particle-TitelbildFront cover "Particle-Journal" 11/2020

The title page of the Journal Particle and Particle Systems Characterization refers to Milena Hugenschmidt´s work on ZIF-8 particles directed deposited on TEM grids published in DOI: 10.1002/ppsc.202000209 (M. Hugenschmidt et al., Part. Part. Syst. Charact. 2020, 2000209) 

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#UltramicroscopyFront cover "Ultramicroscopy" 11/2020

An image from Martin Obermair´s paper (Obermaier et al., Ultramicroscopy 218, 113086 (2020)) appeared on the title page of Ultramicroscopy. The topic of the paper is "Analyzing contrast in cryo-transmission electron microscopy: Comparison of electrostatic Zach phase plates and hole-free phase plates"

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Yolita_Eggeler NewsJun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Yolita Eggeler

is Junior Professor and Group leader of Microscopy of Nanoscale Structures & Mechanisms (MNM) at LEM since 01.10.2020

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Max HeiderMaximilian Haider
#EMRS_Icon_Felix_jung_06.06.2019.jpgFelix Jung was awarded the poster price

Felix Jung was awarded the poster price of the electron microscopy symposium at the European Materials Research Society (EMRS) spring meeting 2019 in Nizza.

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AvH-Logo NEWSDr. Yonghe Li was awarded a scholarship

was awarded a postdoc scholarship by the Humboldt Foundation.

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#Logo IMC19Martin Obermair won price for talk

Martin Obermair won a prize for his talk at the 19. International Microscopy Congress (IMC19) in Sydney.

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FEI HeliosNew FIB-SEM system went in operation